Benvenuti Nella Nostra Famiglia!

Welcome to the DaTerra Cucina family! Our kitchenware is truly a family enterprise— inspired by our heritage and sparked into existence by our international family adventures.

The Center of a Family, and a Home, is the Kitchen

At the center of our home is a passion for preparing tasty dishes and recipes which we’ve collected on our travels around the world.

Coming from generations of restaurateurs, my husband, Nathan, and I had a healthy head start in the culinary world. Our background gave us a deep understanding of the value of food and food culture in the life of a family. Food and culture are inescapably entwined, and for us an integral part of educating our kids was sharing our interest in the world of international cuisine, as well as the joy of cooking great food and sharing it with others.

As our young family grew, we began to broaden our horizons and explore new cuisines by traveling and tasting. Our kids had passports by the age of six months, and soon became citizens of the world like us, accompanying us on our foodie tours and tasting the wonderful flavors of the places we visited on vacation. But a week here and there wasn’t fully satisfying our lust for adventure, and we longed to truly and thoroughly explore what the world had to offer. And what better way to do so than setting off on a culinary backpacking adventure around the world? So, that’s exactly what we did. In 2013 we sold our home and all our worldly belongings, packed our backpacks and set off on a round-the-world trip, for a whole year. Our boys, aged 6 and 10, were to be ‘worldschooled’ as we traveled, and we knew they’d get plenty of education on this momentous journey!

Eating Our Way Around the World

We circumnavigated the globe over a course of 12 months—volunteering with elephants in Northern Thailand, snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, and spelunking through castles in central Europe. We took planes, trains, ferries and tuk-tuks from town to town, and country to country. We swam, hiked and biked, but some of the most exciting and enlightening experiences for us were the meal stops!

All in all, we ate and drank our way through 25 countries. En route, we took a multitude of cooking classes, from Vietnamese to South African, to Japanese and Italian. As we traveled, we asked chefs for recipes and were even invited into people’s homes to cook and eat. It was the most magical adventure for a family dedicated to our passion.

Throughout our big trip, and in the traveling we did before and since, my husband and I have always been fascinated by the tools of the trade. The varying implements and utensils that cooks use around the world really opened our minds. From seeing how chefs in Japan can do nearly everything in the kitchen with a pair of chopsticks, to marveling at the car-hood-sized paella dish that we were presented with in the Canary Islands, we’ve taken notes and learned so much.

The Inspiration for a Whole New Adventure

Towards the end of our trip, while visiting Italy, one particular kitchen product really impressed us, and set an idea in motion. This discovery of Italian ceramic non-stick cookware gave us the inspiration for an entirely new venture—designing a cookware line of our own!

The following years were spent designing and developing our first product, our DaTerra Cucina pans, for American kitchens—including our own. Our aim was to preserve the gorgeous look of Italian ceramic cookware but also create a sturdy pan that would hold up under daily use. Over the next two years, the Vesuvio line was born.

Since then, we’ve expanded our offering by selecting further cookware highlights from around the globe to bring to the kitchens of America. Our gorgeous wooden cooking and serving utensils are hand-crafted in Tunisia, using richly-grained Mediterranean olive wood. We were amazed by their combination of durability and elegance, and the fact that the wood used comes from sustainable sources was an important bonus. They’re also great for protecting your pans from damage, something that’s vital when you have two exuberant young chefs in the household!

Talking of our little traveling companions, our boys have been a huge part of what has become a real family business. Both have been involved in the testing of products, labeling of boxes, and the eldest even built the DaTerra website you’re reading right now!

Broadening our Horizons 

And, coming soon.....   The newest addition to the DaTerra Cucina family is something we’re particularly excited about. My husband and I have always prioritized a good knife over any other kitchen gadgets, and we believe it's one tool that every cook should have in their arsenal.

That’s why we’ve developed the ‘Eisenrose’ range of kitchen knives. Having traveled in Asia and seen how much people value top quality kitchen knives, we started there. Not just anywhere, but the ‘city of knives’—Yangjiang, China. There, they have a long tradition of crafting beautiful steel knives of every type, a tradition that goes back over 1400 years.

For our Eisenrose knives, we also went straight to the source of the best steel in the world—Germany. To ensure lasting durability and sharpness, the steel is heated in a vacuum furnace, then chilled in a cryogenic deep freeze—a chemical process that super-hardens it. For even further strength, we use what’s known as a full ‘tang’ design, meaning that the steel of the blade continues the whole way through the handle to its base, creating a reinforced, rigid core. The knives are then assembled by hand and the natural rosewood handle is hand-polished for the ultimate finish. As you can probably tell, we’re very proud of this newest addition to our cookware line—and not only because we get to use them ourselves in our own kitchen!

We chose the name ‘Eisenrose’, as it means “Iron Rose'' in German. It’s a nod to the heritage of the steel as well as a tribute to our wonderful home city—Portland, the City of Roses. As proud Portlanders, we’re slightly fanatical about roses, hence the rose pattern in the rivets of the rosewood handle of our Eisenrose kitchen knives!

From one family to another, we really hope you enjoy using our cookware—a culmination of years of hands-on research, a whole lot of work and thousands of shared meals.

We also hope you’ll join our DaTerra Cucina family in cooking dishes from around the world. Tell us what you’re cooking! Post photos, share recipes! Heck, we might all make each other better cooks!

Buon Appetito, Kathrin