DaTerra Cucina offers a 1-Year Warranty: If you experience any difficulty with your ceramic nonstick frying pan, you can return it at any point within the first 365 days for your money back. Don’t want to give up your pan just yet? We’d love to give you some tips and tricks that have helped others. If the pan was working to begin with, then it is likely sticking because of built-up residue. Food can sometimes get carbonized on the surface and can be difficult to see. This can cause the pan to stick as oils and food residue are carbonized on the surface of the ceramic.  It is crucial to thoroughly clean all off the surface with hot soapy water, a non-scratch scrub pad and elbow grease. Vesuvio pans should give years of life if properly cared for. After scrubbing and cleaning your pan well with good grease cutting dish soap and a non-scratch scrub, it is a good idea to regularly recondition the pan. Lightly coat the interior of the clean and dry pan with vegetable oil, and heat slowly on medium-low heat for 3-4 minutes. Allow the pan to cool and wash off with soap and hot water again. This will condition the pan and renew the nonstick properties. With proper cleaning, you can get your Vesuvio pans back to performing as they originally did. Please see the following videos. We essentially took a customer-returned pan that was sticking and brought it back to life. After you’ve had a chance to watch the videos, please do let us know how these ideas work for you. Most people have success with the above tips. If these tricks don’t work for you, please email us with your order number and date of purchase, and we’d be happy to issue you a Return Authorization number to get your pan sent back for a refund.